Travelling across borders in 2001 brought Georgina to a new state of mind. Discovery of new places, sensations, and the flight of freedom. Along with that came new energy, new hopes, new dreams , influencing her creative identity.

With a bag full of textiles, prints, laces and a head full of ideas, she embarked on a journey . A desire to let go, fly and soar beyond and achieve perfection at her destination. SweetDreams Ibiza.


Sweet Dreams Ibiza represents an idea born out of personal inspiration. A new way to dress women, providing a window to the soul of the modern, cosmopolitan woman of today: fresh, delicate, alive yet powerfully confident, independent and passionate.

Driven by Sweet Dreams Ibiza’s hallmarks and distinctive style of exploding colors, vibrant energy, pure comfort, perfect harmony, creating contagious sense of happiness, absolute freedom and outstanding quality.

More than just a brand. It is a state of mind. A philosophy appreciated by any woman and by all women…to be comfortable in her own skin.Sweet Dreams Ibiza designed to embrace & enhance the woman’s sense of herself.


Born under the sun of Ibiza and reflecting the carefree way of dressing, easy and stylish to wear, you’ll want to take them everywhere. From home to the beach , to shopping in the city.

Character rised by soft shapes, natural materials and coupled with gorgeous & fresh color palettes & prints. Offering ease of movement, comfort and style

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